Kubinska & Hofmann - People-Fotografen in München
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Diashow - Fotodesign Kubinska & Hofmann - Peoplefotografen in München

Kubinska & Hofmann. Photographers. Munich.

A creative team, Eva Kubinska & Tassilo Hofmann.Two Aspects: Art & Engineering.

Picture composition, lighting positions, digital post-production. The pillars of the work of Kubinska & Hofmann. Photos of people for business, promotion, public relations, artistic portrait and nude photography.

Eva Kubinska studied photography at the art academy (FAMU) in Prague. Tassilo Hofmann studied Theology & Information Technology (IT) and is a skilled photographer. A successful team, which has been in Munich for over 10 years. The photographers seek out the challenge of handling demanding projects. Their creative approach and imagery is shaped through a unique style. Their clients include well-known businesses, artists and politicians.

Kubinska & Hofmann photograp on-location, nationwide and internationally. Their Studio is found in the center of Munich (Lehel). That is where creativity and a bohème atmosphere meet one another.

One can find examples of portraits, business photography, promotional photography and exhibitions in the gallery.